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Awareness Through Movement: Feldenkrais

Disponible en línea

Improve the brain-body connection | Wednesdays at 6 PM

  • 1 hora
  • 15 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Descripción del servicio

Everything that has ever happened in to you, be it good or bad, lives in your body. Sometimes these things can cause us to experience pain, discomfort, limited range of motion, trouble sleeping, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, or even trouble paying attention to tasks. Through a series of movements, the student is offered the opportunity to reconnect with the "self" in new ways. The content of this class is based on the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais. The Feldenkrais Method has been known to help people of all ages who have experienced injuries, cerebral palsy, stroke, and more. Quote from "The Feldenkrais Method is a powerful resource for everyone who wants to feel and function better. A brilliantly practical synthesis of biology, physics, neuroscience and motor development, the Feldenkrais Method, founded by Moshe Feldenkrais engages the brain’s natural plasticity, in order to improve life. It is safe, enjoyable, broadly effective and helpful for people of all ages and abilities. The Feldenkrais Method is available in two complimentary forms: hands-on Functional Integration® individual sessions and Awareness Through Movement® group classes. Both forms give the brain an immediate opportunity to benefit the body’s comfort and function. Feldenkrais movements and touch can improve our comfort, posture, flexibility, mobility, co-ordination and underlying muscular-skeletal organization. It can help us heal and regain function after injury, and improve our sense of well being. It also improves the clarity of thinking and enhances creativity. In the course of the training program, it becomes clear to everyone how well organized and efficient movement is connected with thought and creativity. The Feldenkrais Method allows our nervous system to interrupt old habits of posture and movement and gives us access to new options and sense of well being." Class registration closes 1 hour before class starts.

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For cancellations, please contact us 24 hours in advance.

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+ 443-854-8387

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