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About Us

A Self-Care Sister Circle For Black Women

Based on research done by Dr. Paris Adkins-Jackson, PhD., MPH, and the ancient healing technologies implemented by Divayogi, Michelle Stafford; The Nini Alaffia Sister Circle is a Community Program that creates an environment for accountability and healing through self-care.

"Ownership of State of Peace, Health, & Well-being"

The videos below are examples of the expert led education that the sisters received during the sessions. These lessons are viable tools that may be used for self-care, and the deep work that is essential for healing.

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Minfulness: A Conversation with Dr. Shacunda Rodgers, Ph.D

Minfulness: A Conversation with Dr. Shacunda Rodgers, Ph.D

My name is Dr. Shacunda Rodgers, and I am a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, where I treat teens and adults in individual, couples, and family therapy. For the nearly 15 years that I have been a psychologist, I have been teaching and practicing mindfulness for the last 14 of them. I have found that mindfulness, with regular practice, brings not only a sense of being centered and balanced, but also helps with being more kind and compassionate—toward one's own self as well as others. It also strengthens your ability to “show up” and be more present in day-to-day life. As a long term benefit, mindfulness has a way of making sunny days feel brighter, and also strengthens your capacity to weather and endure those darker days as well. Because of the amount of growth I have seen in my patients who have adopted mindfulness practice, as well as the immense benefit I have experienced personally through the use of mindfulness, I decided to extend this work and share it with others beyond the walls of my therapy office. I wanted to focus my efforts toward one specific group, African-American women—1) because I am one (!), and 2) because I wanted to use this as a vehicle to serve and bring healing to an often underrepresented group in therapy. And that is how Melanin Meets Mindfulness was born! My desire is to use mindfulness as a vehicle for establishing a sense of community and sisterhood, as we help one another move toward becoming the best versions of ourselves.
How Bahavior Impacts Our Health: A Conversation w/Dr. AJ, PHD,

How Bahavior Impacts Our Health: A Conversation w/Dr. AJ, PHD,

In a conversation with Dr. AJ, we are shown the reasons why our health is impacted by our behavior, how self-care plays a major role in our ability to break recurring cycles, and learn how to heal ourselves. Paris Adkins-Jackson is a community-based multidisciplinary researcher whose work seeks to increase quality of life for under-served communities through mixed method research, development of instruments (surveys and assessments) and technology, and the implementation and evaluation of innovative programs. She is recipient of numerous accolades, including recognition in 2016 by the United States White House as an HBCU All-Star. She currently serves as the Graduate Student Council Co-Lead as a member of the Morgan State Graduate Student Association. She has been a college instructor for 10 years in the areas of Anthropology and Dance and shares her expertise in quantitative methodology in various formats. Her dissertation research involved the development of a conceptual framework of self-care for Black women and the psychometric examination of an existing self-care assessment to evaluate its culturally-responsiveness. She will present this research in the GRIND conference special presentation titled, “Black Women & Self-Care”. Paris Adkins-Jackson has earned a BA in Journalism, an MA in Cultural Anthropology, a MPH in Applied Biostatistics & Epidemiology, and as of May 2018, she earned a PhD in Psychometrics from Morgan State University. She is the founder and CEO of Asante Wellness, LLC, a research and data analysis company.
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